Concrobium Attic Attack! Case Study: An Effective Way to Treat Attic Mold

Concrobium Pro Restoration products is pleased to announce the publication of a detailed case study illustrating the effectiveness of our new Attic Attack!  Methodology.  The Case study, produced by Wonder Makers Environmental, describes the step-by-step process of  attic mold  remediation using Concrobium’s innovative liquid technology and provides scientific support for the methodology.

“In order to buttress the substantial anecdotal data, a carefully documented study was undertaken at an actual project site to evaluate the performance of the Concrobium mold remediation process, called Attic Attack. The study showed that after using the Attic Attack process on three different attic areas with fungal contamination that ranged from extensive to minimal, surface sampling verified a reduction in fungal contamination ranging from 76% to 100%. In addition, a visual assessment confirmed a nearly total elimination of the biological staining. Just as important, these results were obtained with substantially less labor than is traditionally associated with such a project, which also resulted in the time on site being approximately one third of what would have been estimated if manual removal methods had been employed.”

Attic Attack! By ConcrobiumThe Attic Attack Case Study will be officially unveiled as a keynote presentation on Thursday September 5th The Experience Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas Nevada but Concrobium Professional Restoration Products would like to offer the case study free for download here.

If you plan on attending The Experience Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas, be sure to visit the Concrobium Booth (#423) to learn more about how Attic Attack!  can help you save time and money on your next attic restoration project.