Concrobium Customer Brochure







Concrobium Professional Restoration Products is proud to manufacture some of the most innovative solutions on the market for remediation professionals.  We take great pride in producing solutions that not only save professionals time and money on restoration jobs but are also leave job sites safe for the people who reside in those space long after the job is done.  Professional restoration contractors who use Concrobium Products are making a commitment to the safety of their clients and they should be recognized for going the extra mile:

By choosing Concrobium products your contractor is also committed to using tools that are safe for you and your family, use no harmful chemicals and leave no harmful lingering residues.

In that spirit, we’ve produced a short, one-page pamphlet that pros can download here and share with their customers to assure them that their spaces have been professionally treated with some of the safest, most innovative products on the market.