Committed to Making a Difference in our Industry

Concrobium supports professionals in the field:

Making great product technology is one thing… knowing when and how to use it is another. That’s why we have field reps that not only have been trained and certified in a wide variety of cleaning, restoration, and remediation specialties… they also have many years of experience doing the actual work. These guys also have connections and personal relationships to the top expertise in many industries. That’s why even though they may have the answers most of time… when they don’t, they know someone who does. Our field experts are on call 24/7 to help support you in the field. Not just with product questions… we support everything you do.

Concrobium supports and provides professional education:

There’s a difference between saying we provide product support and actually supporting the industry in a significant way. Of course we provide sponsorships to just about every industry event and sponsor many classes, educational seminars and events. While that is valuable, we go far beyond that. In addition to supporting and also performing original field research in our industry, we also directly provide continuing education classes. Getting up-to-date knowledge and staying current with the latest industry skills and information is important and shouldn’t be expensive. That’s what we believe anyway and we’ve backed that up with offering free or low cost continuing education classes to anyone who’s interested. Currently we have classes available in Mold Remediation and will soon have one on Microbes and Disinfection that qualify for IICRC (and several other entities) continuing education credits. Other topics can be offered on a customized, as-needed basis. Just let us know what we can do to support you.