Pro Restoration

Changing the way restoration work is done through innovation

At Siamons International we understand that mold remediation is a process, not a product. It requires trained restoration specialists, applying their experience and knowledge of industry protocols, to deliver professional results.

But we also believe that cutting-edge liquid restoration technologies can improve the way restoration professionals work – and improve their businesses too.  That’s why we developed Concrobium® Professional Restoration Products – a lineup of products that can help restoration contractors do their jobs better and more profitably.

We have developed innovative application methodologies that help restoration contractors achieve project success while staying entirely within the industry standard of care. Attic Attack, for example, is a field-tested approach to attic mold remediation that provides a step-by-step remediation protocol that addresses safety, engineering controls, cleaning, lock-down and post-remediation verification.

At Concrobium we don’t develop product or methodologies in isolation. We partner with industry experts across the restoration spectrum – remediation, construction, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene – and then we field-test our innovations to ensure they’re backed by real science.

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