Changing the way restoration work is done through innovation

At Siamons International we understand that mold remediation is a process, not a product. It requires trained restoration specialists, applying their experience and knowledge of industry restoration protocols, to deliver professional results.

But we also believe that cutting-edge liquid restoration technologies can improve the way restoration professionals work – and improve their businesses too. That’s why we developed Concrobium® Professional Restoration Products – a lineup of products that can help restoration contractors do their jobs better and more profitably.

Concrobium Mold Stain Remover is a proprietary solution that facilitates the physical removal of mold via a process we call liquid oxidative remediation. The unique product, once sprayed onto the target surface, employs a high oxidation potential to remove mold staining without physical abrasion.

There’s no scrubbing, sanding, or media blasting involved, which means reduced labour costs, less on-site equipment and more time to complete other project tasks. . Concrobium Mold Stain Remover has been scientifically proven to facilitate physical removal of mold from surfaces better than sanding in the white paper, titled “The Liquid Tri-Phasic Mold Stain Remediation“.

Concrobium Mold Control provides the perfect complement to Concrobium Mold Stain Remover. A DIN-registered fungicide and fungistat, Concrobium Mold Control is an odourless, Category lV antimicrobial that provides extended antimicrobial protection on restored surfaces.

The patented solution can also be sprayed or fogged during the “knock down” phases of mold remediation to contain airborne mold spore counts and mold contamination on building materials and debris bags.

Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant, the third product in the Concrobium professional lineup, is a botanically-derived disinfectant that offers exceptional cleaning performance combined with hospital-grade disinfection. We call the solution a “next generation” botanical disinfectant because unlike first-wave botanicals it leaves no harsh lingering odour and doesn’t require a surface rinse after use.